Eric Prydz has a picture perfect career. His constant push to separate himself from the scenes around him has established an indestructible foundation, one which can never be taken down. It is recognized globally that he and the various monikers he goes under are diverse to their own sound, so much so that people consider Pryda and Cirez D to be genres in and of themselves.

It should also be said that a Prydz release isn’t necessarily easy to come by. It could takes months upon months in between singles leaving his fans salivating for more after each and every time. That said, you can imagine how crazy people got when he announced his plans to output a series of EPs containing four songs a piece which was to be followed by him releasing his second studio album. Twitter and Facebook exploded upon hearing the joyous news as people tried to connect the dots on which of Pryda’s many famous IDs would finally be unveiled.

Prydz certainly knows how to keep the power in his control. In between the announcement and now he hasn’t let people forget his presence; first by being the clear-cut favourite set played at this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas (EDCLV), a mix which included the almighty “Opus” tune as it’s closer. From there, he was given the rights to can-open Apple‘s brand new radio show hosted by none other than Zane Lowe. Beats1, which broadcasts all across the world 24 hours a day was christened in the best way possible as Pryda took full charge in his hour long mix, showcasing the music of a couple of artists he digs along with playing his unanimous hit “Generate” along with a rework for last year’s “Mija”.

But let’s get back to what you’re here for. Today, July 6th, Pryda broke loose the first instalment of the three part series. His first volume contains “Rebel XX” & “Run” along with two tracks from the Beats1 set, “Loving You” & “Neuron”. The entirety of the EP screams success, as Pryda’s signature sound is harnessed in each tune. An ample amount of time was spent crafting these progressive pieces until they were primed for released, and without disappointment, the preliminary volume is quickly summed up as simply sensation. Although there is some time before the next volume arrives, at least the king of electronic music has left his people with sufficient material for them to sink their teeth into.

Until then, enjoy the sounds of Pryda, available for single or complete purchase via Beatport!