Here’s something you don’t see every day. Enter Federico Gardenghi. 13 years old and putting out mixes that are making noise in the music scene. What on earth is this kid’s story?

Well, he grew up (and is still growing) in Milan, Italy. A place where people grow up on House and Techno, and bring the parties well into the early hours of the morning. For Federico, music has always been a presence in his life. He found himself at odds with his friends when it came to music choice. Being fascinated into House music at such an early age, he quickly picked up on music production techniques at a much quicker pace than most. As the genre evolved, so did he. Once electronic music picked up, he was idolizing music legends such as Carl Cox and Armin van Buuren.

While production has been a big part of Federico Gardenghi’s young life, DJing in front of a crowd is relatively new. Going into his third year of DJing for audiences, he’s already been fortunate to play at some premier Milanese festivals and parties. The one’s he’s enjoyed the most have been beach and sunset parties. He’s also played around Europe, at countries like Greece, Germany and Poland. He’s really been enjoying the travelling and performing life. For a 13 year old, this is pretty incredible. Regardless, he’s in it for the fun and the passion.

With no tracks out, Federico garners attention through his mixtapes. Every Friday, which he coins “Techno Friday”, he puts out a studio mix that gathers thousands of listens, growing with each week. These mixes feature groovy Techno, and bumpin’ House music, making it an accessible set for all.

Even Carl Cox has mentioned to Federico’s parents that they need to let this kid play. And play he will. He’s already done more than any 13 year old in the electronic music scene in recent memory, and there’s no slowing down.

Be sure to check out Federico’s socials, and shoot him your support. He’s truly in the process of adding his page to the history books!

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