Out now is an EP from 16 Bit Lolitas titled ‘Stardust EP’. This EP features 3 songs in a perfect imagining of what Anjuna Deep represents. The tracks disregard the labels and bindings of the EDM genre and bring us back to something more natural. None of these tracks are designed around a festival experience, but instead a listening experience. The effects of them frankly, are inspiring.

Stardust feat. Lucy Iris

The first on the EP, the track which bears the title of the album itself, sets the tone for the rest of them. Your ears will be greeted with a rising harmony, light, keeping a kick drum and cymbals out of it allowing for more natural percussion to set the beat. The first few minutes are melodic and serve to set up Lucy Iris’ magnificent voice, which synergizes perfectly with the synths. By the time the guitar melody hits you, it’ll almost be too perfect. In terms of chills, this one can be up there with ‘Fix You’ – Coldplay. Absolute magic.

Love Left 

‘Love Left’ begins with a familiar start which we as House music fans are accustomed to. With the kick, another soothing melody gains momentum. Within a short minute, the soul of the track is revealed as a soft groove is laid over the drum beat, and very quickly your love for this peaceful track will fall into place. Later, the melody will leave you for a moment, creating a demand for it to come back.


Lastly comes ‘Sediment’. The beat of this one has an ominous foreshadowing, suggesting something heavy to come in the future, but at the beginning it remains unclear what to expect. Much like ‘Stardust’, this track builds in energy and sound. The transitions are crisp and smooth, and as more sound gets added to the beat, so too does more emotion build. A brief interlude will culminate into one final epilogue, closing out not only a beautiful track but a magnificent EP.

Enough cannot be said about the glory and peacefulness of this EP. 16 Bit Lolitas have always had a way with delivering soothing music, but this EP has taken it to a higher level. Absolute respect to them, and to Anjuna Deep for a wonderfully artistic album.