Discover Thomas Feelman. Born in Avignon, now living in Paris, this producer has been in with the technology for over a decade. From playing around with E-Jay Techno 5 to FL Studio in 2006, Thomas has always had a knack for electronic music production, producing anything that came to his mind. His passion spans multiple genres, everything from Trance to House. The music he creates transmits that passion, with influences to be found within his productions.

He’s had several different releases, one on Michael Woods’ label, Diffused Music, as well as others on GURU Records. Though his life has been dedicated in the studio, he has made small ventures into playing shows (mostly student organized performances) in Paris and Sweden. However the future is where Thomas Feelman is looking towards, with several gigs in the works.

With the gigs this year also comes some new music, and he’s extremely excited to be able to share it soon.

“For now, the music industry taught me that it’s f***ing hard!! You have to believe in youself, because nobody will do it better than you!”

Check out Thomas Feelman on his SoundCloud page, as well as on his Facebook for all the latest info.