Here’s yet another talent making his way out of Montreal, Quebec and into the big scene of music. Adam Shomer, known as ‘A-SHO‘, is a vocalist from humble beginnings, fulfilling his dream to have his voice boom on the sound systems of EDM festivals around the world. His gateway into singing music began not with EDM, but with Hip-Hop and R&B, inspired by the energy and rhythm in voices like Usher and Ne-Yo. A-SHO fell down the EDM rabbit hole when a friend convinced him to attend Mysteryland, in Bethel Woods, New York. “that was the moment where I fell in love with dance music. I told myself that one day I’d hear my own voice blaring out of one of those massive speakers to the thousands of ravers”.

In only a short amount of time since then, A-SHO has already collaborated with Tom Ferry in the magical Deep House track, ‘Out Of Sight’. Having been released under Armada, the track is a massive step in the right direction for Shomer, who is already in talks with other labels for production. The track is receiving increasing success, and being a track focused particularly on vocals rather than simply a beat, has really put a spotlight on his talent. A-SHO believes his voice functions best in the Deep House genre as his R&B styled voice blends perfectly with the mantra of the genre, however he is widening his vocal range to better fit the Progressive House, EDM style of dance music. He’s looking forward to being part of a nice Progressive, Big Room track that will hit ravers ‘right in the feels’.

“Making a living off of music is probably the most difficult thing to do so the work starts now. It’s kind of like investing in your own business; you spend tons of time and money on it but you only see the payoff down the road”. Past works have been all over the place, ranging from his Hip-Hop/Pop inspired song, titled ‘Believe In Me’, to a Tech/Deep House feel, ‘Coming Around’ (under Ukrainian label Dear Deer records). Currently, he is working on a new Electro House track with Paris & Simo, as well as some Big Room styled tracks with the likes of Thomas Newson, Elephante and Manse. It’s no secret to how tough it is to make it in the music biz, but A-SHO is proving to the industry and to himself that he’s got what it takes.

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