If you’ve visited Beatport today, you’ll notice Adam Beyer and Pig & Dan’s name all over it. That’s because their 4 track EP titled ‘Capsule’ is out today. These two acts are no strangers to each other at all, often performing at the same venues and festivals (with a rare back to back set in the mix), making an EP from them something to be desired. The tracks have been teased over several months over on Beyer’s increasingly popular Drumcode Radio Live podcast, and now they’re here for good.

The tracks all have unique sounds, and blend House and Techno elements together. At the same time, they combine darker vibes with lighter synths. The EP is a Beatport exclusive, but all tracks could be found on Youtube through various user submissions.

The self titled ‘Capsule’ is the first on the EP, and provides an excellent summary of what to expect from the other three. That dark Pig & Dan sounds combines with a great melody to keep you going easy for 7 minutes.

‘In Love’ is number two, and features some psychedelic vocal chops. The long interlude provides a pause from the heavy groove, leaving you waiting for it to come back. This one ties together masterfully.

‘Atmosfear’ is easily the darkest track of the set, and has an ominous vibe going from beginning to end, leaving you in mystery while feeling the dark beats. Listen to the sample off Beatport here.

‘We Are E’ is a new take of the 1994 rave tune original ‘We Are IE’ by Lenny Dee Ice. All that’s really similar is the vocal loop taken, but it certainly delivers the same effect as it did back during the Golden Rave era.

These tracks have become signature sounds in both Adam Beyer and Pig & Dan’s sets. Finally they’ve been released to fans around the world!