Afrojack has had some drama lately between him and his (former) manager Hugo Langras. Owner of management firm, Montana ECI, the two have parted ways after a successful relationship for over 6 years. Afrojack’s reasoning behind it claimed “moral and ethical disagreements” while his former manager had a different take on it:

“Our lawyers are working on a solution. I do not want to harm this process, so all I am willing to say is that I categorically deny that we had any moral or ethical disagreements. We have a business dispute. […] He is an amazing talent and a true visionary and I am certain he will be very successful. I am confident we will find a way to separate as friends.”

Afrojack’s future plans are set around coordinating a new management approach, with a new team. Like most of the big name successful DJs, he has shown interest in the new talent coming in to the scene. With loads of experience, he wants to help them with tips and tricks he himself was not taught, while also bringing them on tour with him.

“You can’t go to school to be an artist. Everything you learn, you learn as you go up. It’s really good to be able to give the experience that I have to other artists, and where there are questions to actually given them answers. Because when I started and I had questions, there were never answers.”