There have really been some great tracks put out this year. As the electronic music scene grows, so do the standards for quality music. These are the tracks that have really stuck out for me, displaying the power of the music through their melodies and compositions.

Mark Knight – Ironing Man

To me, this track represents Mark Knight in a nutshell. This groovy beat has kept me going since its release early in the year. So much power and energy delivered in a track that is so simple.

Klauss Goulart – Bashert

This is a track is a trance tune that was teased on Markus Schulz’s Global DJ Podcast for around a month. I still remember how blown away I was by the synth composition the first time I heard it. Still, months later, it leaves me with an amazing feeling in my stomach. Something about the glorious melody. Completely in love with this track. Trance is back!

Eric Prydz – Opus

I hate to pin point one Eric Prydz track, because I love them all. One of the most true and dedicated producers in the industry, Pryda never ceases to disappoint. ‘Opus’ however, is one for the ages. Very few tracks can ever go the way of Tiesto’s ‘Adagio For Strings’: immortalized in electronic music history. I think this one can do it. There’s an everlasting magic that lingers with every note hit on ‘Opus’, and listening to it the first time can easily leave you speechless.

ilan Bluestone – 43

What a year it’s been for ilan Bluestone. There are quite a few songs of his that could make this list, but the one that sticks out the most for me is 43. More and more, ilan shows the magic he can weave into synths and bass, creating melodic, anthemic tracks that leave a lasting imprint. A song like this speaks to me, telling me that whatever happens in the future, things will be alright.

Ed Sheeran & Rudimental – Bloodstream (Arty Remix)

Ed Sheeran has had a fantastic year as well. The original, with Rudimental, channels a kind of energy on its own. Arty’s remix of it is a wonder. My favorite thing about this track is how wonderfully it is composed. There’s a long lost feeling that Arty summons, and emphasizes the power of Ed Sheeran’s voice. The track from beginning to end is a journey, with a legendary climax.

Solid Stone – Signs Of The Future

Solid Stone has blown up in 2015, and no track has hit harder than ‘Signs Of The Future’. This Progressive track has an addicting, deep dark beat. The whining and moaning of the synths are used to such a great effect, creating a wave of euphoria I’ve rarely felt. This one is something truly special to me.

Nero – Two Minds

Nero are veterans in the scene. Having explored so many genres, these guys know how to make a track. Though largely off the map compared to some of the bigger names, every now and then they put out a track that shows they’ve still got it. ‘Two Minds’ really impresses me in its simplicity and its bass line. These guys have got style and I love the quality they put out.