Enrico Sangiuliano has been one of Drumcode’s biggest names in the past few years. His Moon Rocks and Astral Projection EP’s have helped re-establish the iconic Drumcode sound. On June 1st he released his Biomorph album. It’s been a month, but I can’t get these tracks out of my head.

Before you read some of my favorites, be sure to listen to the continuous mix below.

First, it’s important to address arguably the biggest track on the EP, Symbiosis. It’s still being played all throughout the Techno industry. It’s creative, exotic, and then hits you hard with the hammer. There’s so much going on in this track, that every listen you pick up something new.

This album has a few experimentalish tracks as well.  New Dawn is a slowed down melodic, progressive beat, and has a sound that fits perfectly into one of Lane 8’s season mixtapes and is easy to digest. Despite the change in pace, there’s still that crisp production we get from Enrico.

A Further Existence is another track that blends hard hitting techno, with an exotic, easy to pick up melody. Trance lovers will likely appreciate this one.

Generative Model  is a funky track that’s closer to Electronica than it is to Techno. Fit’s perfectly as track 3 before things start really getting heavy.

The last track I wanted to highlight is Hidden T. This track feels like it’s composted of 4 acts:

Act 1: The main intro, which begins with an ominous, build up on emotion and rhythm. When you listen to this track for the first time, you’ll wonder if this track will go the route of banger, or electronica.

Act 2: The second act slams into gear, in a kind of reassurance that this track is going to be heavy. It builds and builds with synth and percussion, until the interlude, Act 3.

Act 3: This interlude slows things down for a bit, in a classic example of building emotion before the drop.

Act 4: The last act brings back that familiar drop, bringing into the epic melody that keeps building and building into a finale.

Though I’ve only listed a few tracks, I can’t stress enough how great this album is. Enrico has set himself apart in the industry, and proven that he’s a master in production.

What do you think of his album?