World renowned producer, Carlo Lio is one to keep you dancing all night long. Toronto’s very own is known for his cosmic house and techno sound. Carlo has played at some of the biggest festivals in the world like BPM, Ultra Music Festival, Movement, Sunwaves, and the list goes on! Some of you may know him as ½ of The Roaches, as he plays alongside his good friend Nathan Barato. Carlo is a talented DJ who creates an amazing vibe with his deep tech-house beats. If you ever have a chance to catch him, it is definitely something you won’t want to miss!

1) I know you come to Montreal often, what do you love about it?

Everything. You guys are our neighbors! The people, the club, the vibe of the city is just amazing and I can relate to it because it’s just so close to home.

2) In your opinion, what makes Stereo so special? Any other favorite venues?

Stereo is basically a DJs playground, you have complete musical freedom, which for a DJ is the most you can ask for at any club, so that alone sets Stereo aside from every other club in the world. Not to mention, the club is perfect in every type of way, from the sound, to the room, I wouldn’t touch a thing! Stereo is one of my favorite venues, there’s Elrow in Barcelona, Space Ibiza and DC10 Ibiza.

3) I heard the Rawthentic NYE party was amazing! You often play with Nathan Barato, how did this dynamic duo come to be?

Kind of a crazy story… before I was even a DJ and had a gig, I used to go watch Nathan as a DJ at Comfort Zone. I used to watch him every Sunday, you know, so Nathan was THAT guy to me and then we became great friends. When I started making music, Nathan released my first track on his label ‘Rawthentic’, which I became a part of after and we did it together. He kind of left the label and now we’re back at it again, so it’s a crazy circle of life type of thing with us.

4) What are some of your favorite artists at the moment? Anyone we should keep our eyes on?

That’s the hardest question to answer, I have so many favorite artists. Techno wise, I have Truncate from LA, can’t really think of anyone else at the moment. Some new artists like Avision from NYC and Demuir from Toronto and this guy named Andre Salmon from Ecuador who’s really dope.

5) Any career defining moments?

Yeah, 2010 was a breakout year where I had like a certain string of releases. Remember the track ‘Breakfast in bag’? That was a long time ago, was a life changer, it made me start touring. Also the ‘Diablo’ remix for Dubfire.

6) Anything exciting lined up for MMW?

Yes, Tuesday (March 20th) I’m playing back to back with Paco Osuna at Trade and Saturday (March 24th), I’ll be playing at Ultra at the Resistance stage.

7) What can we expect from you for 2018?

We are relaunching Rawthentic, so me and Nathan have a collab coming out probably around Miami Music Week time. I have an EP coming out on Paco’s label ‘Mindshake’ and another EP coming out on Rawthentic. I’m really pushing Rawthentic this year because we’re in a position to take it to another level!