Through a nomadic lifestyle, Founder and owner Hubert Sodogandji AKA Ameme (artist name) travels to top-notch venues spreading his culture through music and fashion with a touch of Afro inspiration deep-rooted.

1) How did you create the concept of ONETRIBE?

One Tribe came to life from the lack of prominent Afro House parties in New York.  But we didn’t want to create just another party, we wanted to create a full on experience where Music would meet Culture in a blended space opened to everyone. The fashion side of One Tribe came out from that intention and brought the whole thing together.

2) Describe your lifestyle as an artist:

As a full time artist (DJ/Producer) and Founder of One Tribe (Party/Music/Fashion label)  i have learnt that i only have 24hrs per day, so I wake up very early , usually around 5am/6am usually when i don’t perform at night so I could take care of emails , communications and logistics in between the US and Europe first thing in the morning for the bookings and label. The rest of the day is usually spent in the studio making music or travelling for a gig. I have weeks when i don’t spend more than 3 days per country and go from one gig to another then back into the studio to produce tracks right from the airport. I also have weeks when i disconnect completely to recharge myself. I have a lot of aspiration for what I do so I try to make it as fun as possible.

3) What are your accomplishments over the past year?

I was able to establish myself as an international talent securing consistent and repetitive bookings in a good amount of A class venues in very cool cities such as : IBIZA, ROME, PARIS, ISTANBUL, MEXICO CITY, ZURICH, MYKONOS. I was also able to get recognized by industry leaders which is critical to growth as a DJ/producer. Soon We are launching the Music Label side of One Tribe- One Tribe Music and many more interesting things coming .

4) Where do you see your brand expanding in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see One Tribe as a game changer and global brand that is beyond Music and Parties. The ultimate goal is to impact people by bringing them together through experiences that educates without stigmas.

5) Who are your top influential artists you grasp information from? 

Black Coffee-Red Axes-The Martinez Brothers

6) What’s to come in 2020?

One Tribe Music Label-I am planning to release at least 2 EP in 2020 and bunch of remixes-Expand my footprint in more cities and take One Tribe along with me in this journey.

7) Describe ONETRIBE in three words : Music -Fashion -Culture

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