Amine K, Morocco’s best kept secret. Mixing through oriental and spiritual works, the artist get’s his inspiration through travels and empathetic energy through out his fans. Down below, Amine conveys his story throughout the night-life scene and where his deep roots influenced his start up and music production.

1) Being born in Morocco, has it had an influence on the genre of music you produce?
Morocco is a country that a has a very strong culture and history, music is a huge part of it. My country is at a crossroad of many different cultures, from Africa to the Middle East to Europe, all this creates a beautiful patchwork of genres and identities. As a Moroccan, we love drums and spiritual music, which is something that you can find in most of my productions but also in my music. It needs to be groovy, dramatic, cinematic and gets you into a journey channelling your inner-self.

3) What influenced you to start pursuing a passion within the music industry? 

Music has always been a therapy for me so I decided to share my love for it to the world and put a smile on peoples faces as a full time job.

4) Did you ever think you’d continue in the business world working in finance? 
When I was younger and foolish, yes. But after opening my eyes to the small beautiful things that our world offers, I released that I’d rather make the world a better place (in my own small scale) than continue destroying it and participating into its fall.

5) What motivated you to believe in your passion and start DJing as a full-time job?
Spending some time in Asia in between my first and second year of master degree in Finance was where things started to tick in my mind. Discovering the budhisme culture and its principles made me realize that the western capitalism culture was completely of the mark .As soon I I got back from my trip I organized my first event, this was in 2007. With my former partner we created an electronic music festival that gathered 5000 people in the middle of Rabat and we gave all the profits to the children who had cancer. Seeing so many people happy, dancing on music that was fairly new to them, being themselves without any judgment but also making a difference in helping those who were in need was the turning point for me. I finished my master degree, worked a tiny bit in Finance and then that was it.

6) Tell us about the creative process behind your new remix ‘Zamen’ : 
I have been talking with Fabrice, Voyeur Music label owner for quite some time about a release with him. When he sent me Mario Bazouri’s track I instantly ticked on Zamen as I really loved the vibe. The work was actually quite fast as I was inspired that day and just took the elements that I liked and twisted the track into something a bit darker, a more after hour vibe so to say. Next step I sent it to my engineer Julian Ganzer who did some mixing, which added a spark to the track. Then began a long road testing, taking notes and tweaking the final touches until I sent it back to Julian for the final Mixdown. I’m actually super happy about the result and it’s a track that can be played at any venue.

7) Where do you see the electronic dance music industry within the next 2 years? 
As we say, techno and tech house are the new EDM, the business is really growing, not in a good way but it’s growing. The place of social network, brandings and big corporation is starting to be a bit too much for my taste. However the kids who are listening to techno and tech house now used to listen to EDM.

9) Any new albums / collaborations coming out soon?
Akbal Music just released a remix I did for Wild Dark, I’m getting great feedback. This was my last release in the next 6 months. I just spent one month in the studio trying to get some originals done and I already have eight. Now I need to road test them and fine tune them before sending the tracks out to labels.

10) What are your plans for the summer time?
My personal plans are trying to spend as much time with my family, however looking at my schedule, it’s gonna be tough. The summer is almost fully booked with stops in Ibiza, Zurich, Berlin, Paris, Sharm Elsheikh, Rome, Monaco, Napoli, Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Burning Man, US tour and so on.

11) What are your hobbies outside the music world?
Spending time with my two daughters

12) Where do you refresh your thoughts and get inspiration?
I like to walk in the Marrakech countryside, from the Ourika Valley, to the Lala Takerkouste Lake and Agafay Desert. Nature in general is where I refresh my thoughts.

13) For any DJ or producer starting up within the industry, whats your best advice?
Be true to yourself. Don’t listen to other who tell you that it’s not possible. Do it for the love of the music and sharing this love and nothing else.