Amsterdam is known for its leniency on drugs and its appreciation for dance music. The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), brings together people all over the world, as well as DJs, many of whom were born in the Netherlands, and find themselves flying home for the big show. Needless to say, its a massive event.Also unique to ADE is its drug policy. ADE 2014 had a law allowing one ecstasy pill per attendee. Furthermore, they have a First Aid Team with a very different take on drug use. Here’s the official statement from the ADE website. (The entire festival FAQ could be found here.)

The First Aid Team is your friend

Are you not feeling good? Or have you noticed that one of your friends isn’t feeling well? Do not hesitate and go to the First Aid Team stand. You are always welcome. Don’t be afraid to get into trouble if you go to the First Aid Team and always be honest about what you’ve taken. If the team doesn’t know what you’ve been taking, they can’t help you. Therefore, always tell your friends as well what you have been using. If you have been using drugs, there are no legal consequences. Not for yourself and not for those who take you to the team. If you can’t find the First Aid Team or for some reason, you can’t get there, then you can always ask a security guard or a crewmember to call the team for you. Do not leave the person who isn’t feeling well alone at any time.  

You can also go to the First Aid Team if you want a Tylenol/Paracetamol , a band aid for blisters you got from dancing or a glass of water is you’re not feeling well. Everything you discuss with the First Aid Team and everything that has been done by the team is strictly confidential.

Be kind to the First Aid Team. They’re there for you and they are your friend, but they are also professionals. Trust them in their work and have a little respect for the fact that these heroes work very hard just to help you.

 This is a very different take on what some countries would call a serious problem. The US and Canada do not support it in any way, however certain festivals have released statements acknowledging it and providing tips for if you’re not feeling well. This however, is a big step in a different direction for aiding those who previously would not seek out help due to fear of prosecution.