If there’s one country in Europe that really appreciates a party, it’s Spain. Coming from Madrid is Jose De Mara, a man who has been making all kinds of music for the past decade, while also maintaining a record label. Electronic music is a vast category, with hundreds of styles and techniques, many of which he is familiar with, including Progressive House, Trance and even Tribal. Roughly 5 years ago, Jose decided to add some direction to his chaotic music styles, and decided to focus on a progressive style, also choosing to be known as Jose De Mara.

“I combine my latin influence using tribal beats with my trance roots, so you can expect really melodic groove music”


This summer Jose switches from the studio to the decks, having been booked at some major Spanish festivals, including Holi Fest, and another one he is not authorized to disclose as of yet. The beautiful islands of Ibiza and Mallorca are guaranteed on the menu as well. Past gigs have been centered around Spanish clubs such as Privelege and Bora Bora in Ibiza, BCM in Mallorca and many others, and he credits his best gig to a memorable night at Pacha in ever so distant New York City. With his repertoire and experience, this summer can only mean better things.

Gigs aside, Jose De Mara’s latest single is hot and fresh for release, under Kryder’s Sosumi Records, expected shortly. Other works are on the way, under his own label, Arcadia Records, which he maintains in order to give new talent a shot at master production and a chance to release something incredible.

Patience is a virtue known no better than Jose De Mara, who has worked in the scene for so long, and adapted and worked his style to fit what he’s looking for. Such is his advice for anyone new to the scene, or working to produce music in the industry. Keep at it and put the effort in and you can go places.

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