ATTLAS has just released his new EP, ‘Sin’. Let me tell you, this EP is filled with some dark sounds. The collection of 6 tracks plays by their own rules. ‘Parallel Lines’ is soft with a slower tempo with lots of background percussion and echo, supporting the distant vocals. Really artsy and has some incredible effects. ‘Burned’ takes the EP straight into darkness. This track sends out the oldschool deadmau5 vibes, with a techy beat which drives from beginning to end. It’s filthy and we love it. Third is ‘Tiff’s Theme’ and it picks up right where ‘Burned’ left off, with another driving techno beat. Not as dark, but still has an airy, lost sort of feeling. ‘Jagged’ slows things down again with another vocal track. This one’s more uplifting than ‘Parallel Lines’. It acts as a breath of fresh air. ‘Red’ keeps the uplifting synths going, and gives off a unique feel to it. There’s so much mystery and tension built from the background of the track, rising and falling, with the ever present mystical synths to build on the wonder. The EP ends with ‘Beginning’ and acts as a fitting end to a wonderfully artistic EP, showing how much ATTLAS has matured in his music. The slow majestic track feels like its saying to the world that ATTLAS is just getting warmed up.

Absolutely stellar EP, definitely check it out on Soundcloud and support ATTLAS by purchasing it here!