What happens when two of the biggest names in modern EDM come together to create? The world gets a nifty little song called “Waiting For Love”. There’s been a debate about this tune since Avicii first premiered at UMF 2015 in Miami, as many believed it was a collaboration between him and none other than Martin Garrix. Well, it’s primary influencer and inevitable owner was made clear yesterday, when Avicii posted the final-cut music video to his YouTube account under his name alone. That said, it was made clear that Garrix did in fact co-produce it, a notion that was further pushed by him being the only other person to be able to play it during the months prior to it’s release.

Even the song’s vocal credits are still a mystery, some indicating that the voice behind Waiting For Love belongs to John Legend, others to believe it is that of Simon Aldred‘s, regardless, it’s catchy lyrics are intriguing enough. Apart from that, this song once again plays into that classic Avicii we know and love — hoisting a breathtaking piano melody with electric undertones. Knowing how secretive Tim Bergling is,  Waiting for Love may turn out to be the first single off his upcoming album “Stories”, for all we know.

Above all that, we believe the coolest part about the song may actually be the video. Using some kind of new technology in partnership with Kurt Schneider and YouTube, the Waiting For Love music video illustrates a panoramic 360 degree view of a room in which you control the direction of the camera. Easier to use than to explain, give the video a look for yourself, you’ll undoubtedly be amazed!