With the coming of Axtone Records’ 10 year anniversary, is a new track from Axwell after a much-needed 2 year hiatus. Now he is back, and his newest release is very different from his others, and has a special place in his life. Dedicated to his wife, Gloria, this track celebrates a feeling of victory, accomplishment and love.

“My solo work is more of a vent or an outlet for music that feels more personal to me,” Axwell told Rolling Stone of the track’s intimate tone. “I thought my wife deserved something money couldn’t buy — a song just for her.”

The track makes use of horns, string sections, and a slower tempo, and sounds very real as if Axwell gathered live musicians for the recording. Definitely has a Marvin Gaye kinda vibe to it. The vocals are very soft and jazzy as well, and all the empty spaces are filled with tiny riffs and minor solos that only add to the epic and glorious feel of the track. Give the track a listen, which was taken from Apple Beats 1.

“I thought my wife deserved something money couldn’t buy — a song just for her,”