Straight from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia Herzegovina are two DJ/producers who bring their joy and positive vibes to the speakers and dance floor. Growing up, Alen and Ademir saw the thrill of DJing at the biggest venues and shows around the world. Through names like Hardwell, Swedish House Mafia, and Hard Rock Sofa, they became curious to discover how these talents were able to produce their sounds, and became inspired by their accomplishments.

“It was always interesting to both of us of how they all make and get all these sounds, so that’s how we got into producing and started digging about every little detail there is.”

It’s been 5 years for Alen, 3 for Ademir, but as time passes their skills in the studio sharpen. With their latest track, ‘Mahala’ being released under Kryder’s Sosumi Records, it’s evident that they’re doing a great job. In the past, one of their earlier tracks, Balkan, was supported by The Chainsmokers at Ultra Miami, and Zedd during his ‘True Colors’ tour, giving them a taste of what success feels like, and penning down their support as a milestone. They’ve been hooked on it ever since, and it’s only been up from there.

As summer comes to a close, Drop Department has two gigs lined up, Sickyraveci Fest in Croatia, and BiH Color Fest in Bosnia, giving them two solid shows to display their new slew of tracks.

“Since we tend to bring some fresh Balkan vibes into the dance scene, we think that kind of separates us from others and we’ll be focusing on that even more in the future”.

The next step for this Balkan duo is the Amsterdam Dance Event, where they’ll be visiting to take in the vast amount of talent, skills and styles. It is a place where you figure out where you stand out, and what you can do to improve. No doubt they’ll meet many inspiring DJs and producers, who can give them advice or opinions on their futures in the music industry!

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