SIZE Radio

Its festival season, and that means you need to stay updated with the hottest summer anthems for the many parties to come! When compared to some others podcasts, Size Radio is relatively new with only 46 releases, but don’t be fooled. Headed by veteran AN21, the podcast is guaranteed to provide heavy bumpin’ house beats and beautiful anthemic progressions. Size is not a weekly podcast, so when a new one is released, always expect something special. When preparing for a night filled with dancing and mischief, crank up your volume, switch your EQ, and tune in to Size radio.

Don Diablo’s Hexagon Radio

Don Diablo tore into the House music scene and found a place amongst the greats. With his podcast, he proves yet again that he knows how to find his own groove in the music scene. Hexagon Radio is a magical journey which takes place alongside his electronic buddy, Hex. It’s a uniquely themed podcast, with the songs being announced by Don Diablo’s little friend. The music is always fresh and invigorating but what truly distinguishes Hex Radio from the others is the lack of restraint. Don Diablo will slow down the tempo for a nice deep song and then rip into it something nice and heavy. If you’re looking for a podcast that knows no limits, Diablo’s got you covered. Anything goes on Hexagon Radio.

Above and Beyond: Group Therapy

By now, everyone should know of ABGT. Group Therapy is a fantastic podcast which has something for everyone. This podcast has so many features to it including shout outs, fan song selection titled ‘Push the Button’ and guest mixes every week, with featured producers from Tom Staar to Ferry Corsten. A mixed bag of electronic music genres, expect to hear uplifting house and some trance tracks, followed by a heavy banger or two. Once in a while they will release an ‘Anjunadeep’ edition, focusing on a deeper, house music feel. It’s always something fresh and exciting with ABGT, so be sure to have this podcast playing on a warm sunny day for some feel good vibes!

Heldeep Radio

Oliver Heldens didn’t invent big room house, but he sure did make it big. Heldeep Radio is the product of this genre built upon by the young star. Heldens is heading a new wave of house music, and building this genre is Heldeep Radio. Filled with all the latest in this new era, Heldeep Radio is not only a podcast but a glimpse into Oliver Heldens’ growing knowledge of music. If you’re a fan of Heldens and all that he has created and done for the scene, be sure to stay updated with Heldeep Radio!


Toolroom Radio

House music. Check. Deep House music. Check. More House Music than you can possibly handle. Check check check. Toolroom Radio is orchestrated by the one and only Mark Knight. There are few DJs who understand the fundamentals of house music better than Mark Knight does, and he channels that understanding into this podcast. Unfamiliar to House music? Want to learn more? Toolroom Radio will show you how much could be done with a kick, high hat and some thick bass. It’s all about the basics with Toolroom Radio.

Tiesto’s Club Life

Club Life is a podcast that has gained a massive reputation. It’s also led by Tiesto, who needs no explanation as one of the finest producers and DJs in the world. His podcast holds up to this reputation. Club Life features a wide variety of progressive and electro tracks and also features an afterhours special every now and then which plays house and deep house. The podcast has been running for years and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the game with fresh tracks for the festival season, Tiesto’s got you covered.

By: A.J Coïa