Insomniac events are known for their spectacular themes and out of this world creations. This year Insomniac decided to outdo themselves by transforming the Los Angeles (San Bernardino) festival grounds into an underwater wonderland.

The Founder of Insomniac, Pasquale Rotella, dedicated a lot of time in order to incorporate the dreams of ravers into this event. He also admitted to be getting a lot of his ideas from his four-year-old daughter – all in order to create the dreams of wonderland and make it a reality.

Beyond Wonderland had its first premiere in 2010, and even though it was not the first music festival to incorporate nocturnal creatures, it was definitely the most creative.  Insomniac events have taken this music festival to a whole new level since then, all so the attendees (referred to by Insomniac as headliners) truly feel as if they are beyond wonderland where anything is possible.

The show not only has evolved in its creativity but also drastically improved the line lengths, safety accommodations, dance space, relaxation areas, food sections, and most important added various music genres.  This year Insomniac prepared six massive stages for the event next week, offering the listeners to indulge into the sound and stage of their preference of music. The lineup includes over 80 world famous DJs playing Electro, House, Trance, Tech House, etc., making it easy for everyone to enjoy something they like.

The whole vibe of the event is super positive and full of peace. People wait for it all year long and treat it almost as if it was a religious experience. There is only love being spread and tons of new friendships formed known to last a lifetime. People are there to spread good vibes and no one is ever alone. Some even say that they feel like everyone there is family and the venue feels like home, making it a place where they belong.

Beyond Wonderland has become more than just a music festival – for some it became a musical religion where everyone is truly equal. Insomniac surely understands the true meaning behind the PLUR LIFE.

Next week we will find out what magical surprises Beyond Wonderland prepared for us. The options are endless and the ideas are never ending for the creators of this event. So, if you ever doubted Alice, try to experience this festival and see for yourself that there is a musical land Beyond your wildest imagination.


Below You can find the link to the Beyond Wonderland lineup and website.