Albzzy is a DJ/producer hot on the rise. Coming from the small town of Bexhill, South England, where he’s spent his past 4 years, practicing, editing and producing music. Though he puts no classification on his productions, he’d consider it within the Bass House sub genre of EDM, but with a little bit of digging, you’ll realize he plays around all over the House genre, adding his touches where he sees fit.

“Most of my tracks have a really aggressive vibe to them […] there’s alot of weight to them”

His live shows have taken him all over England, including hot spots such as Amusement 13 in Birmingham, The Arch in Brighton and West Exit, Grand Elektra, Moda in Hastings. His biggest party yet took him off the British Isles and into Vienna, Austria, where things got really wild. Since then, much more time has been spent internally. Time is spent managing his two labels, U Wot Blud? Records & SHDW Records, as well as a new EP coming out, titled ‘Express Hours’, with some of his best stuff yet on it. Be sure to stay posted on that.

The music industry is no easy place. Albzzy has learnt to go with his instinct. It’s what has gotten him this far so far, and it’s what will get him further. He’s found solace in musical communities, which serve as a great place for producers sharing similar interests and passions, to congregate, help each other, and grow.

Stay tuned for more from Albzzy, a hot new talent out of South England!