Best known for it’s music and art culture, Burning Man has revealed it’s new design choice for next year’s temple. 

The art installation, titled The Temple of Direction was created by San Francisco-based artist Geordie Van Der Bosh. The temple will be placed at centrepiece of Black Rock City which will be taking place August 25th to September 2nd 2019.

According to the Burning Man journal: “Every year, we explore a spectrum of design submissions from our community’s artists and builders,” explains Katie Hazard, Program Manager of Burning Man Arts, via the journal. Adding, “And we approach our decision with the goal of creating a special physical space on playa for Black Rock City’s citizens to share their reflections.” 

Geordie Van Der Bosh’s design was inspired by red tore gates of the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, Japan. Attendees of Burning Man will be able to walk through the temple heading towards a main spiritual hall. 

“This linear form reflects the passage of life with its beginning, middle, and end,” says Hazard. “Throughout the structure there are areas that reflect this journey: narrow & wide spaces, bright & dark spaces, and tunnels that create intimate physical settings. Meanwhile, a large central hall, an altar, and many shelves for offerings create the setting for our collective experience.”