2015 and 2016 have seen tons of productions out of CamelPhat. Their energetic Tech House style has seen tons of plays throughout many notable events and podcasts. Today they have put out a brand new EP, titled ‘Higher’. The 3 track EP brings 3 different, dynamic sounds to the table. Each one is equally as impressive and truly shows off the diversity and quality these two UK producers can put out.

The first track, ‘Reverse It’ uses the lyrics from Missy Elliot’s ‘Work It’ putting it into a vocal loop. This funky beat has tons going on. Lots of ambiance and background. With a heavy distorted bass that disappears and reemerges, this track in so many ways symbolizes the style of CamelPhat.

‘Higher’ is the second, and naturally the track the EP is named after. This one’s got a secret twist, with a beautiful synth melody that starts off slow and increases in tempo and energy. As it builds, the tension rises, with more sound and more pace to it. The release is fantastic, making it one people will surely move to at a fast pace.

The third and final track, ‘Raabta’ is definitely the most exotic of the three. Much softer and lighter, this melody takes you on a euphoric and passive journey. It becomes quite easy to get lost in the many guitar melodies that echo throughout the track.

So after listening to the 3 snippets from their EP, which track do you like the most? Be sure to keep these in your playlists, and stay in the loop with all of CamelPhat’s productions. These guys always stay true to their styles.