After the announcement of ending his legendary 15-year residency at Space Ibiza, Carl Cox will begin a new chapter in his life sooner rather than later with his curated techno festival set to take place in Australia next April, specifically, Melbourne and Sydney.

In a recent interview with inthemix, Cox spills a few details about the festival and what fans can expect.

“We haven’t decided exactly where we’re going to do them or who’s coming to the table, but when we last spoke to all of the international DJs who are interested in being involved in our festival, they’ve all said, yep, we’d like to do it. A lot of it will just be down to availability and timing, but primarily you’re going to have the best DJs playing the best music. Hopefully we can build it into something annually for Australia.”

A lineup hasn’t been officially announced yet, but Cox explains that he has received interest from artists. The finalized lineup will mostly depend on scheduling, but he promises to host “the best DJs playing the best music.”

H/T Magnetic Magazine