Born and raised in the Canary Islands, Pablo Fierro works from the composition of music to his own international record label, Vida Records. The traveling artist has played at the most influential clubs in the world, such as Watergate (Berlin), Djoon (Paris), Cielo (New York) and Heart (Ibiza). This week, Fierro makes his first Canadian debut at Cazar, at it’s main residence at Soubois, in the heart of Downtown Montreal. 

Born and raised in the Canary Islands, how has your up brining influenced your music?

My influences come from different generes and experiences during my life. Obviously, I have a big influence of folk music from different countries and cultures around the world. Flamenco, African, Latin, Jazz, Brazilian and Electronic, to name a few.

Latin house is the new up coming wave of dance music. Can you describe to the We are Cazar community your main sound and why you choose this specific genre? 

Canary Islands is the place in Europe where more people listen to latin music since many years ago, from Tito Puente and Fania All Star era from today. We, as immigrants, built a big population in Latin America years ago, and since then we have brought back all the culture influences.

What was the creative process while creating your label Vida Records? Which artists are signed? Do you have any podcasts your fans can listen to? 

We created Vida Records a few years ago with Sandra Gonzalez. At the beginning we started signing my own music, then we started to sing different artists like Jose Marquez, Jeff Afrozilla, El Hijo de La Cumbia, Cristian Vinci and others. Now we are going to relaunch the label with new branding. Keep an eye on it! You can find our music on all social platforms.

We are reaching another decade, what are your 2020 plans? Where do you see yourself expanding in 5 years?

I want to improve myself not only as a producer or songwriter, also as a human being. I love to travel and learn about life and discover new cultures around the world. There is more music coming during this new year so I’m very happy.

Any new up coming tracks before 2019? Any tracks you are excited to play during Cazar? What is your latest project your working on? 

Kenari is the name of my next EP on VOD  and it is out now. I always play some unreleased tracks and surprises edits on my sets.

Since this is your first time performing in Canada – what kind of set will you be playing?

I do a lot of research for my music. However, during my sets, I play what I produce or any new music I find.

At Cazar, we normally showcase many oriental/ afro-house artists. By playing Latin house and bringing your culture to the dance floor, what kind of vibe can we expect? 

I don’t play only Afro or Latin music, I play the music that I love and I want to share with the people. I’m very happy to play for first time in Canada! Thank you a lot.