The boys from Cazzette don’t know how to do wrong. Back again with what they plan on being their next big smash since “Sleepless” (with a couple of bootlegs made in between), Alex Björklund & Seb Furrer have attempted to take a different approach in terms of the sound when it came to “Together”. Dodging the typical hard electro-ish progressions they became famous for, the Swedes aimed for something deeper and resulted in what we believe they know is a success.

Lyrics provided by the Newcomers carry the song out until a potent piano hits and takes full direction. The piano charms are then put aside to make room for a funky drop that gets extremely low. To finish it all up, Newcomers mix up the vocals with a sexy saxophone which ultimately returns back for a second round with that swanky drop. What we love about Cazzette is that they never cease to reinvent their sound, allowing for us to get a taste of their numerous styles.

Of course where else would the track be enlisted to other than on their very own manager’s label, PRMD. For those of you who don’t know, Ash Pournouri aka the man who also manages the great Avicii, is also accountable for duo that is Cazzette. The team has tasted all matters of success already, and the release of Together can do nothing but further it.

Available now exclusively on Spotify!