If you aren’t familiar with the brand Cercle by now, you may be living under a rock (but it’s ok)! You would still recognize some of their live stream videos which have made their way throughout social medias. Cercle is a live streaming company dedicated to sharing and promoting electronic music. The company’s modus operandi is to promote artists and venues via livestream to fans across the world in carefully select and unique locations. Unique locations is an understatement.

Sets like Kolsch playing on top of the Eiffel Tower, Tale of Us right in front of the Charles de Gaulle Airport, and Boris Brejcha right in front of the iconic Château de Fontainebleau have left those watching the stream with feelings of joy, awe, and especially FOMO! As a small consolation, those following the live stream get to ask the DJ questions at the end of the set. It’s some little details like this that truly set Cercle apart from anything we’ve seen before.

Perhaps my favorite thing about every Cercle livestream is the intimacy of the crowd. Every stream features a tight, personal crowd that are right up there with the DJ, and are far more focused on dancing than they are Snapchatting (despite the incredible views). You can truly feel the energy of the crowd, and the pleasure they share with the DJ when he/she/they mix a great track at the right moment.

This week, fans were treated to an incredible 2 hour set by the one and only Stephan Bodzin, on top of Switzerland’s highest restaurant at 10,000 feet in the Alps, Piz Gloria. The music was solid, the views were stunning, and the crowd was intimate and in to it.

I can’t stress enough how much of a gem Cercle is for the electronic music industry. Their vision is as unique as the venues they book their artists at. And whether you’re lucky enough to attend a Cercle show, or following the livestream at home amidst your daily routine, you know that when you’re tuned in to Cercle via Facebook or Youtube, you’re about to witness something special.

I personally can’t wait to see how Cercle will step up their game next week! The possibilities are pretty much endless, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we get DJ Hell in a submarine or Pan-Pot in space!

Be sure to follow Cercle on Facebook, Youtube, and check out their website if you’re interested in learning more!