Adrian Hour and Mark Knight are no strangers to each other in the studio, with already a few tracks under their belt, including the mega hit Dance On My Heart, and Suzee, it doesn’t come to much surprise for them to put out an EP, showing their versatility and productivity. This EP has 3 tracks, each which becomes less and less what we’re used to with Mark Knight, but it works fantastically.

First up is ‘Chaos Theory’. This track has been played and replayed on Toolroom Radio for the past few episodes because of its delectable sound. The likable, repetitive funky beat hits you over and over. With a lot of Tech involved, and just the right amount of funk, ‘Chaos Theory’ will get you lost and have you pressing replay once its over.

Next up is ‘Freak Out’. This beat is something we’re more used to as Toolroom fans. A vocal loop keeps us into it, with extra surprises at every turn for some more fun. The drums are also more familiar to Mark Knight and Adrian Hour’s other works, so this is the one which sound the most ‘Toolroom’.

Last up is the most unique track on the EP. Officially listed as Techno, ‘Transitions’ has elements in many other genres to make it a very usable track. Way heavier than anything we’re used to out of the two producers, this, like with ‘Dance On My Heart’, shows how far their experimentation can take them. With a progressive feel, a distorted bass melody, and some techno transitions, this track makes sure the EP stays fresh. Incredible 3 tracks on an EP that shows the range of these two extremely talented producers.

Buy the “Chaos Theory’ EP on Beatport and add some tracks usable in all kinds of different genres to give your playlist something special.