It’s that time of year again. The latest Cirez D EP has been making the rounds through festivals and nightclubs around the world. All 3 tracks on the EP are absolute monster Techno tracks.

Track 1, the album title, ‘Dare U’, has found its way into the repertoire of a plethora of top DJs, including legends John Digweed, and Adam Beyer. It’s got a heavy kick, and the trippy, Cirez D style beat we know and love. Definitely one we’ll keep hearing for a while.

‘The Glitch’ is the second track, and it picks up the tempo right where ‘Dare U’ left off. It’s fast, hard-hitting, and has some psychedelic ambiance.

The EP finishes off with the ominous ‘Black Hole’. This track has been been known as an ID ever since Eric Prydz’ 5 hour Space Miami set in 2015 – it hasn’t seen too much playtime until now. Back from the dead, ‘Black Hole’ is trippy, funky, and just as hard-hitting and crisp.

Techno really seems to be becoming a favorite, and Mouseville releases will never fail to disappoint.