Dusky could be considered two of the pioneers of their own deep, dark techno house genre. With so many hits and a dedicated style that they never cease to deliver on, you always know what you’re going to get: quality music. Check this EP out, whether you’re a techno lover, or more into groovy house music, this EP will have something for you.

Their new 3 track EP titled ‘Lydia’ has tons of fresh material, adding new twists to the iconic Dusky grooves.

Track 1 is the self titled, ‘Lydia’, and works with a building acidic beat which develops over 6 minutes. Check out the funky groove that only builds and builds into a demented, freaky style that’s got some mystery to give and is a little different than what we could expect out of them. Around 4 minutes or so,, they turn it up a notch with some really wiry synths.

With all the melodic material based around the Lydian scale, ‘Lydia’ was originally inspired by a bizarre, trippy dream Alfie had in which everything was all based on the Lydian scale.

– Courtesy of Dusky’s Soundcloud

Number two on the list is ‘Bitter Lake’, and its got more of the Dusky drums and cymbals we know and love. In a bit more familiar territory than the first track, this one has the funky keys to cooperate with the drum beat. Lastly, they throw in some more creepy mysterious sounds and the end, keeping with the acidic style that the EP seems to be heading towards.

Last is ‘Infinite Libido’. More drums. Some clap. This one is really techy, and has a bit of a tribal sound to it. Equally as groovy as the other two, this track is a reassurance to Dusky fans that they may play around with new sounds and styles, but they know exactly what we want and love. In my opinion the greatest track on the EP.