That’s right I said it. ‘Into My Life’ was great. ‘The Machines’ and ‘Second Story’ fantastic. But this work, with the vocals of Indiana and production duo with Adrian Hour, is something from a dream. The track is called ‘Dance On My Heart’ and sends out some of the coolest vibes I’ve ever heard out of these two. Toolroom has been putting out some old school beats, with clear influences in Disco and old school House. This one however, feels like 90s, or early trance, underground music. For starters, it’s got a heavy, dirty deep bass line that just rolls on and on. Add some subtle ambiance, including some trancey atmosphere, delayed and reverberating sounds, and the mystifying voice of Indiana, who does a great job of adding emotion to the beat, and you’ve got a track with some serious power.

The Youtube link provided cuts the track short at a little over 4 minutes, but the full track will be pushing 7 minutes (which is fantastic). Quite honestly, put this track on repeat for the next 20 or so minutes and surround yourself in the energy that this track produces. Something incredible and inspiring from Adrian Hour and Mark Knight, which shows not only their versatility but their class as well.