We’re 1 day away from the iconic Burning Man festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Whether you’re going this year, or thinking about it in the future, Soundandnoize has you covered with an overview of this year’s campgrounds. The camps play a major role in the culture of the festival, spreading art and love throughout the weekend.


With a bubble lounge, daily spinning lessons, and dodgeball, !Zoom! is definitely a camp pushing the friendly vibes. Also, there’s Zoomy the Turtle car!

Burning Man is a (Cooltown)

First time visiting Burning Man? This camp is perfect for you. Functioning as a museum of sorts, this camp can serve as your guide to everything you need to know about Burning Man. Here’s their mission:

“Our goal is to acculturate new burners and rejuvenate the old salty veteran. Discover your own path, or you can join us each afternoon as we hit the streets of Burning Man in a mobile misted shade structure and check out what makes Burning Man such a “Cooltown”.”

Without question, whether you’re a first timer, or a veteran, there’s plenty Cooltown can teach you!

Camp H’Aloha

Not too much is said about Camp H’Aloha, except it’s promised to be a Playanesian’s paradise. Definitely will be a camp with a few fun surprises!


You can guess what this camp is all about! Cat lovers rejoice! Here you can find festival goers decked out in “cat gear”, as well as some comfy hammocks to get some R&R!

…and then there’s only love

Most of the debauchery at Burning Man can be found in the famous air-conditioned Orgy Dome, the iconic hub for passionate, easy going couples. This camp is all about spreading love and happiness, spiritually and of course physically. This is a place to relax and meet some friendly people. It is important to remember that you must come with an open mind, everyone is welcome regardless of gender or sexual orientation. It is a peaceful place!

1001 Nights

This is the ultimate lounge space for partiers. There are several dome spaces offering services such as yoga, massages, braiding, and the unique Makateeb experience. Enjoy the night under the stars with some tea and relaxing vibes from the crew – artists from all over the world gather here to share their craft!

17 Virgins


Via Burning Man website:

“We started out as 17 fresh-faced Burner-virgins, and one dusty vet – all with a shared philosophy: that we treat our friends as family, and that we’re always open to new friends. And oh my, has our family has grown! So come by for a rip down the portal, we’ll pour you a cocktail in the jungle, and let’s get acquainted.”

1st Bank of BRC


This camp provides a super unique service! You deposit a “gift”, and come back later and receive one from another festival-goer. Definitely something to check out every year, guaranteed to create some memories.

2049 Olympics

(Look for the 5 psychedelic Olympic rings each representing a special core value!

3rd Alternative

This camp is aligned with the 10 principles of Burning Man. The theme of this camp is self awareness. Every night, you can expect to find music by Daring Greatly – a 5 piece group with major influences drawn from 60’s and 70’s classic rock.

A great choice if you’d like a brief respite from electronic music!

3SP (Third Space Place)


In case you’re wondering, first space is your home, second space is your work, third space provides you with another atmosphere to call home. This retreat promises interactive events every day and lots of friendly vibes!

404: Village Not Found

As per the Burning Man website, this village promises something for everyone, and boasts members mainly from the West Coast, but also Europe!

7 Sins Lounge


This lounge is on to its 18th season at Burning Man. This camp has 2 cycles: Day time features chill music, a lounge and slush drinks. Night time brings out the sinners and the famous Wheel of Sins.

7 Sirens Cove


“A pirate bohemia where merrymaking, gypsy lounging, dancing rhythms and mischief run aground. Beware, it is futile to resist the 7 Siren’s call!”

747 Big Imagination


This project is the talk of the town! This year, Burning Man will feature a camp with a Boeing 747 shell. Going through the plane will be a complete experience, including boarding passes and “luggage checks”.

8-bit Bunny


Not too much is known about this theme camp, except that they have a steam sauna! Oh and they like bunnies!

[The Camp With No Name]


This camp features loads of international art, with lots of interactivity. The Camp With No Name also features a Bar With No Name!


“Welcome to ¡Playasos!, a light-hearted and inclusive community with a love for play, spontaneity, and exploration. Come experience our giant snail slide, fun for all ages!”


This camp boasts a Science Fiction theme! Lots of creativity and passion can be found here.

And that’s all of them! If you’re heading down, be sure to check them out and spread love throughout the desert!