The UK is a region bolstering to the brim with musical talent. Liam Daley is a DJ out of Liverpool in the UK, a city he claims, is the best city in the world, and is filled with musical prodigies. Production has been part of his repertoire since 2009, where he began making remixes with studio partner Ray Findlay. Together, through understanding the fundamentals of music production, came out with a remix, combining vocals and guitars from two different tracks, creating a whole new melody. Liam has built his music production off of many different genres which he has fell in love with at a young age.


Although Liam has performed at some major UK clubs, and opened for some big names such as East & Young or Alvaro, he has taken a step back from DJing live performances lately in order to focus on his other pursuits. He runs a talent management company titled Adventure Artist Management with a long time friend. One major artist under his company is a man named Eden Vernett Showers, who’s work has recently involved a collab with Camelphat!


Chillbeat Records is another of his companies. A record label he began in 2009, where he aided in releasing other artist’s music out to the industry.

“As time passed i started to receive demos from other artists which the music did catch my eye, so therefor i started to work with up & coming artists like myself in helping them push their music out to the world. It was only to believe i could push the label up the ranks and show people that ChillBeat Records was here to stay and sustain the powerful demands of this music business”.

Some big names have been attracted to Chillbeat, including Corey James, and East & Young as well as receiving support from some of the heaviest hitters in the industry, including David Guetta, Showtek, Laidback Luke and Oliver Heldens.



Liam Daley’s music is great because it knows no boundaries. Any genre can be touched on in his production phase, although if he had to classify it, he would put it under a more Progressive style, “commercial tracks that you can listen to in the day time”. His goals for 2016 are huge, and he plans to release a major wave of music and break out into the scene.

With all his experience, Liam has learnt to treat every artist the same. Professionalism goes a long way.

Without a doubt a man with this much experience can do great things, and no doubt Liam Daley will in the coming months!