Stuttgart local Chris Hirose & Hours are two names which have been growing in the headlines. They’re back again with a 3 track EP filled with hard hitting and creative tracks under Pan-Pot’s Second State label. Check them out below!

Track 1, Patchouli, gets all kinds of funky, kicking up the tempo another notch. The track is divided into two parts. Part one is groovy, with a heavy thump kick, part 2 is a driving Techno beat. The transition between the two parts is awesome, and it’s fun to hear the track’s pieces build into each other.

Track 2 is Lavender. Much like Patchouli, this track has it’s pieces properly introduced. Everything flows with a natural grace to it. This track’s got some special surprises that really scratch the Techno itch.

Track 3 is Encens. This one is definitely the most creative of the EP. With way more melodic overtones, this track easily brings the most energy and tempo of the bunch. From the energetic claps to the melodic spacey synths. Though there’s a small, slow break, the beat rips back into it before you’re ready for it.

Be sure to grab it now on Beatport, and be sure to follow Chris Hirose and Second State on SoundCloud!

We can’t wait to hear more from Chris Hirose, Hours and Second State!