Habischman comes from a place not exactly known as a hotspot for electronic music. Tehran, Iran is a historic place which appreciates different kinds of music. His father was a Persian singer as well. Growing up, he was always surrounded by recording equipment and musical instruments in his house. As such he became very familiar with the musical process early on. Into his teens he began listening to the now-legends Sasha & John Digweed, and Deep Dish. Through them he eventually found out about Ableton, and the dream of his future was born. He would soon attend the Red Bull Music Academy (2008), and with his newly acquired skillset, his career took off.

Though he tries not to get lost in all the genres, his music falls into House and Techno. His music is very groove based, and he always is sure to include lots of warm synths to add a degree of musicality and euphoria to his tracks.

Habischman has played at some awesome International venues. Ministry of Sound London, Uberhaus Beirut, Q-Factory Amsterdam and Moog Barcelona to just name a few. His style is clearly on the rise, and this summer he’s got lots of touring in the works. Gigs in South East Asia, the Middle East, and in European places such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Munich and Ibiza are all booked.

“I try to play the music I love and also tracks that I feel work well with the people I’m playing for. A mixture of music that I love is always my choice, I try not to copy anyone and be true to my musical taste. Every set I play is different from the last which keeps things fresh for everyone!”

Habischman’s hard work has been paying off. Aside from the multitude of gigs he’s been getting booked for, he’s recently had his latest track, ‘Moan’ signed under Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In Sound. With help from the label, the track has received incredible recognition, and achieved great results on the Beatport charts.

Be sure to follow Habischman on all his socials and stay aware about when he’ll stop by your area! He’s guaranteed to put on an incredible show!

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