In the revamping of his label, Tristan Garner found the time to hand pick today’s featuring. The tune not only embodies the Frenchman’s own style but it also helps in showcasing a grungier, less appreciated type of electronic music. It’s called “Angry” and you’d be able to understand why just after a single listen. Cryogenix, the Italian trio behind it, have been praised their entire career(s) for their dedication to a darker brand of electro; so luckily for us, Angry fits not only their own criteria but more importantly that of the Xtralife owner himself.

Being the 8th cataloged record unto the label, you would think that Garner was relatively new to the industry, but that’s where you’d be wrong. In fact, he’s been cultivating alternative talent as far back as 2010, having discovered waves and waves of new up-and-coming DJs, MCs and producers alike. Which brings us back to Cryogenix’s Angry; a tune that perfectly depicts the image Garner wanted to exemplify in the retooling of the record label. It’s dark but loud, heavy yet fast-paced, and it’s your ideal fix when you’re in the mood to just rage out.

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