It’s always interesting to learn about the inspirations to some of the biggest producers. Recently, Daft Punk has created an interesting video dedicated to a man named Nile Rodgers. The 62 year old musician is largely considered to be one of the greats in the disco music scene in the 70s and 80s and served as guitarist in the popular band Chic. After listening to some of their hits “Good Times” and “Dance, Dance, Dance” it becomes very evident just how much this man has influenced Daft Punk’s style. Aside from Chic, Rodgers has released solo albums, worked on soundtracks for critically acclaimed video games (Halo 2, 3) and has helped in producing several albums for countless artists including Mick Jagger and Madonna. Rodgers has also collaborated with Daft Punk on their latest album, Random Access Memories. On which song might you ask? You guessed it. Get Lucky.

The video clip was released prior to Chic’s latest album release, titled “It’s About Time” and indeed it has been, the album is their first in 23 years! The acknowledgement is an excerpt from a recent documentary created by European network, titled “Nile Rodgers: From Disco to Daft Punk”. The film is a fascinating glimpse into the life of the musical genius as well as insight into how the music industry has changed throughout the decades.

Big ups to Daft Punk for giving credit to a legend. We as fans and devout music lovers also have much to owe to Rodgers, who continues to shape musical history.