Dave Grutman, Miami’s best-known entrepreneur extraordinaire has taken his entertainment business to new heights, and has successfully turned his new hospitality endeavour, Groot Hospitality, into a lifestyle brand!  The quickly growing list of restaurants has expanded to include; KOMODO, OTL, PLANTA and now SWAN MIAMI. Read down below for more information regarding Bar Bevy, located on top of Swan’s European atmosphere. 

Bar Bevy

In Miami, there aren’t a lot of restaurants that incorporate a sit down meal and nightlife on top. Where did you come up with the concept of brining these two together? 

I always think of my place as a compound, I want people to be able to go from dinner into an elevated atmosphere afterwards before going to LIV, STORY or any other club in Miami. I think keeping the energy rolling from dinner to upstairs is perfect because up stairs at Bar Bevy we provide a wide seated lounge with music and drinks. Miami is such a late night place, the clubs only start getting filled at around 1:30am so there’s an in-between stage, that’s where Bar Bevy comes into place. 


What is the theme of Swan’s atmosphere besides it’s European cuisine? Who designed the restaurant? What can we expect from Bar Bevy? Did you guys hire a resident DJ? What kind of music does Bar Bevy play?

The theme behind Swan’s atmosphere is designed to be feminine in the middle of Miami Design District. Outside it’s very green and lush, which matches the crazy architecture around the area. Ken Faulk is the interior designer behind of Swan. His concept was to create a feminine theme with pastel pinks, mints and greens.  

What makes Bar Bevy different from any other club in Miami?

We are going to start programming Bar Bevy with different nights. When we first opened the momentum was beyond crazy. Now we will be shaping and organizing events upstairs. From a delicious dinner down below you are able to walk upstairs and enjoy our cocktails with great music! 

Groot Hospitality is constantly expanding. Do you plan on opening more nightlife? If so, what does the Miami scene need that’s different? What can we expect over the next two years?

Anything we open always has a vibe and energy to it! The core of Groot Hospitality is that we love entertainment.  For now, I don’t see myself opening another club. LIV and STORY are Miami’s #1 hot spots. These two clubs have gained a tremendous amount of exposure over the past few years with celebrity bookings to appearances. Groot Hospitality is not only entertainment but it’s also a lifestyle. We have new projects in the making such as; we are working on opening up a hotel in the future.