In 1990, the event moved from Baker Beach to Nevada, now known as the dusty Black Rock Desert or “playla”. The large manmade city is where artists can expose there music, engineering skills and dramatic art. Dave Keane shares a three series theme-driven structure: Center Camp, The Man, and The Temple which will be exhibited at his years edition. The ‘Folly’ presents a massive Irish finishing village in the vast expanse of Deep Playa. This township reveals secret passageways, winding tunnels, hidden rooms, ladders and nets: all meant to be explored and climbed. The structure has an estimated 200,000 pounds of lumber creating 24 unique rooms, a crow’s nest, clock tower and 70-foot windmill.  The structures include central courtyard, where a full schedule of music, events and performances will be held. Alongside pop-up food and bar offerings.