Since his latest album >album title goes here<, deadmau5 has been relatively quiet in the studio, having focused more on improving tech for his live performances, as we saw last year with his opening and closing light-sphere contraption?, as well as renovating and reorganizing his massive in-house studio. He’s also been streaming lots, playing video games, and fooling around with some wicked gadgets that any tech nerd would love to get their hands on.

His latest ventures involves his mau5hax bus tour, with fellow DJs ATTLAS, Rezz and others, where he has also built a studio inside the tour bus!

Lately however, we’ve been getting glimpses of deadmau5’s productive side again, through his personal soundcloud, fuckmylife. In case you aren’t familiar with it, no official deadmau5 tracks get uploaded here. Instead, in true Joel Zimmerman fashion, he uploads whatever he feels like, from satirical 1 minute clips of his interpretation of Jack U’s Where Are U Now, to some absolutely filthy old school sounding deadmau5 grooves (Check them out: BLOOD FOR THE BLOODGOATCarpsaved). His most recent upload, 4ware 01, is arguably his slickest sounding yet, and has made lots of noise on edm blogs around the world (including this one, right now).

With every post, Joel Zimmerman strikes closer and closer to the sounds and styles which shot him into stardom. Be sure to follow deadmau5/fuckmylife for more sneak previews, as well as the occasional trolling moment. 2016 is shaping up to be another great one for the mau5.