Is there any city as musically productive as Stockholm, Sweden? Today we have a rising talent out of the glorious city by the name of Hellberg. Since a very young age, Hellberg knew he had an affinity for music. Though spoke to him younger than most, he only considered becoming a producer amidst Timbaland’s massive climb to fame, with his countless releases of hit after hit. “Instead of having the singer’s name be front & center, he decided to put himself first. I think that opened a lot of people’s eyes to what the modern day producer actually does”. Armed with a new vision on how the music industry works, Hellbeg set out to carve his own path in the music world.

“I care more about the song than how dirty the drop is”

Hellberg has been producing dance music for 9 years. It’s uplifting, melodic and graceful. There’s an air of positivity to the rhythms in his productions, as he includes lots of vocals, often twisting the pitch way up, making it almost angelic in nature. He dedicates his time in the studio, rather than performing shows, mastering his craft of sound engineering. However during Ultra Miami, he received the opportunity to play at an event hosted by Spotify, allowing him to play his music in the Miami heat. At Tomorrowland this year, his latest track was played in front of an audience of 100,000 people.

Hellberg’s production success is clear. With almost 45,000 followers on SoundCloud, his popularity is rising. Be sure to follow his journey on all his socials! If you’re looking for new melodic and uplifting EDM, Hellberg is your guy!

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