Sebastian Ledher is a man who has a story to tell through his music. Born in Armenia, Colombia, a place known for its welcoming, friendly atmosphere. Music production caught Ledher’s attention over time, as he began discovering new sounds, styles and ways to make music.

“What inspired me was having the possibility of capturing so many different beats that would come across in my mind.”

Beginning with guitar, he eventually branched off into production, switching from the twangy guitar rhythms to dark deep and dirty Techno. 6 years later, and his mixes on the many podcasts he’s been featured on, from Next Podcast, to Expectancy Podcast, Sebastian Ledher brings the deep dub Techno sound to another level. His mixing and transitions are smooth, and there’s always a hint of groove to be found.


His touring is currently worldwide, and all tour dates could be found on his website, His past gigs include some of the very best night clubs in the world, like Fabrik (Madrid), Privilege (Ibiza), Cafe Del Mar Ibiza, and elRow (Barcelona). There’s no doubt about his skill behind the decks.

“I really enjoy seeing people smile and enjoying my work. I think that my energy is contagious. I select tracks in my set from the heart and I believe people can feel that.”

Witnessing some major performances by legends such as Carl Cox or Marco Carola really put his career to the next level, as he continues to push himself and master his craft. Currently, his attention is focused on his record label, Play Groove. The last few releases under the label have received massive support, including topping the 100 on Beatport charts. Ledher anxiously awaits returning to Colombia, where several Play Groove nights are being hosted, featuring the various artists under the label. Info on these unique events can be found on his label’s website:

It’s easy to see how hard Sebastian Ledher works, and how much passion and energy he puts into it. From mixing, producing and managing a rising label in the techno scene, this Colombian DJ is on the rise, and is taking the right steps to ensure he stays up there.

Be sure to follow him on all his socials for some deep dub techno, as well as info on when he’ll be playing in a city near you!


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