U.K. duo DEL-30 have released a quick EP last week, and though I’m not typically the biggest fan of Tech House, this one packs a punch. Out on Sola Records, is Raggaman. The 2 tracks are hugely different, and bring a lot of versatility to their productions. Check them out below!

Track 1 is Raggaman. If you’re at all familiar with Del-30’s high-energy tracks, this one will feel very familiar. Featuring rasta-styled vocal samples over a super-groovy drum beat, this track is perfect for sunny days and outdoor parties.

Track 2 is Slow Down. This track is super special. Featuring some groovy synths, it builds and builds to an epic conclusion. What’s so great about this beat is the consistency, and that no sound feels out of place. It’s a magical trip that’s guaranteed to bring more energy to your set. A really unique track that will no doubt see plays for months!

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