It brings us great pleasure to present to you our first Canadian discovery! Founded way out west in the city of Vancouver comes Diana Boss. Although the name suggests that the artist we’re about to present is female, Diana Boss is in actuality a group of two men named Sam Steele and Josh McRae.

Sam & Josh have been mixing under the Diana Boss alias for roughly a year but don’t let that fact second guess their talent. Individually, each has been making music as far back as a decade within various bands or projects. In combining their knowledge the two have established a rich foundation of musical savvy. Together they’re shaping the dancescape around them; producing out music with splashes of Future House, flares of Deep House and just the right hint of Disco. At lot of their works are based at the 122 beats per minute mark, providing for an excellent mellow high when listening. In helping keep their sound authentic, the duo even dabble with classic recordings and occasionally mix in their favourite RnB segments to really catch their listeners off guard. The focus point is the dance floor and Diana Boss craft their sets in a fashion that allows them to own it. They feed off of the energy of the crowd’s response, after all, that is the whole goal.

As of right now, the team is strictly reserved for the Vancouver area having previously played fundraisers for Vancity Drinks along with a number of private parties within the city. They have a minor gig at the 5 Acre Shaker Music Festival on Vancouver Island this August 14-15th. That said, they do have the bigger picture in their sights as Diana Boss would graciously welcome the possibility to play at a major festival or exclusive venue. Hoping this year could be the one, Sam & Josh are prepping themselves to close out the remaining months of 2015 with a bang. They have plenty of new music set to be released including a few remixes and a couple of originals. Diana Boss is even in the midst of collaborating with city-bound singers and songwriters all the while trying to seal the deal on a DJ residency at the luxurious Cactus Club.

When all is said and done, the duo remain level headed, offering up key pieces of advice for themselves along with anyone who is trying to make it big in the dance music business. So as Diana Boss would say… enjoy the process, do what feels right & never give up!