This week’s Discover comes from a place not often talked about for dance music, but should be much more, as there is a ton of talent flowing out of it. Born in Nis, Serbia, I’m talking today about Dujak.

At an early age, Dujak hadn’t had too much interest in music. His leisure being spent on video games for a time, until he got bored of that. Looking for a new challenge, and experimenting with everything as most children do, Dujak began picking up an interest in creating music and hearing it play out live.Combine that with the inspiring tracks of the legends in the Swedish House Mafia (“The Good Ole’ Swedes” as he coins it), and you’ve got the beginning of Dujak’s musicality.

Flash forward, and Dujak is producing some pretty sweet Progressive House. His latest track, with Dirtywork, titled ‘Deeper’ has all the vibes and rhythm you could ask for in a dance tune, and is expected to be released in the coming month. To date, his milestone moment has been Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman supporting his release ‘Arion’ with Noizy Mark & MAD2MAD 2 times: Live show in Liverpool + BUCE Radio. Safe to say, Dujak will be getting more support with his coming tracks.

Dujak has spent the past 4 years in the studio, producing and working on his mixing. Coming off his first gig last weekend, he’s ready for the next. Playing locally, he’s looking to expand when he can and begin travelling internationally. The fact that he’s still in high school makes it difficult. When he’s not glued to his studio, he’s hanging out with friends or studying and enjoying the benefits of a stress free life.

It’s one chapter at a time, and once he’s done with it, he’ll be ready for the next.

Be sure to follow Dujak on his socials, and keep in touch with what’s coming!

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