Australia has been in the spotlight for EDM for a very long time. Having created their own style of Electro, Melbourne Bounce, the country is home to some serious talent. Kaz James is a symbol of Australia’s vast network of talent. Having been in the industry for years, producing mainly House music for over 14, he has seen his fair share and played his part in the various genres that have gained popularity. He has played at clubs around the world, both big and small, and has experienced the life. Glastonbury in the UK, as well as the HARD events in the states are some that stick out for him.

Kaz James is the kind of DJ that relies on his experience and his gut. He isn’t afraid to drop a track that may or may not work: if he feels it will work, then it will. His versatility is something he’s developed over time, and is one of his qualities he trusts. His skills have earned him a residency at a new venue called Scorpios. This summer has been crazy for him, with shows all over Ibiza. His latest track, ‘Inside Your Arms’ is out on Beatport and has received tons of support off the BBC Radio 1.

Keep your eyes posted for more out of this Australian DJ, who has seen it all and knows just what and how to spin!