Montreal is known for its rich and diverse music culture. Here we enjoy epic music festivals across all genres, and have some of the best nightclubs in Canada. We are also fortunate to have a vast catalogue of talent, especially in the underground and Techno scene where they are absolutely dedicated to their craft. It’s time for SoundandNoize to showcase some of Montreal’s hottest Techno talent, and provide the story of their journey into the very tough but rewarding industry.



Atroxx took his musical inspiration from his father, who founded the Lasalle Music Academie at age 20. Following in his father’s footsteps, he became heavily involved in music, quickly taking up his father’s passion. Atroxx is a breed of musician who has difficulty only producing one genre. His early forays into production were through heavy metal, and though he’s only been producing electronic music for 4 years, he’s achieved a healthy degree of success under various aliases. Today he focuses primarily on Techno, but has expressed a deep interest in Drum and Bass, Rock and Experimental Electronica.

Atroxx has had the privilege of showcasing his talent at some international events, including the Amsterdam Dance Event, Miami Music Week and the Works Detroit Movement. Locally, he’s often performing around Montreal, and can be found at Stereo, Salon Daome and occasional Bacchanale events.

With one track having achieved reaching the top 100 on many Techno charts (Boats & Hoes), Atroxx is on a mission to reach them again with some of his harder style Techno tracks. Working alongside his friend and fellow producer Mike Larry, they’re also hoping to create a record label together, which would guarantee to improve Montreal Techno talent.

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Cesar Romero

Cesar “Bass” Romero is the kind of guy who lives through his music. His creative process is influenced directly by his life. He draws inspiration on all the little moments in his life, and applies it to his production, which always results in different sounds and styles. In the end he’d put his style under the Progressive label, but he tries to avoid labeling his music because he has no fear of delving into other styles to fit his mood. Cesar started his musical journey in Chile 17 years ago. The slow grind to acquiring proper production equipment finally paid off by 2004, which aided in refining his creation process. With little musical background, he prefers not to identify as a producer or a musician. His craft is that of making beats, and he works completely based off ear, a trait he’s acquired through his experience in DJing music.

Cesar Romero (also known as Simply City) currently has a residency at one of the world’s greatest nightclubs, Stereo Montreal. Though he’s held many international gigs and residencies throughout his career (including Creamfields, BPM Mexico and OHM Festival in Croatia), the combination of maintaining a full time job as a computer engineer, as well as being a fathers provides a healthy balance of all his priorities.

Up to this point, he’s lived in many places around the world, but it’s safe to say Montreal is fortunate to have him settled here.

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Jesse Zotti

Jesse Zotti knew the music industry was a tough nut to crack. He knew that nothing would come easy, and he’d need to fully commit to music production if he wanted international recognition. That’s exactly what he sought out to do. Jesse identifies as a DJ first, and focuses on delivering top quality sets, and produces with a partner under the alias Day By Day. His passion lives through his diverse sets, which often blend Electronica and Progressive genres. Having performed at some major events, including during BPM Mexico, Winter Music Conference and SXM Festival, he is more fortunate than most.

Zotti currently maintains a residency at Stereo Montreal, which he values and continues to nourish. He continues to relentlessly expand his production repertoire and take any opportunity that comes his way.

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Jimmy Be

Music is a journey, and every great musician tells a story through their music. Jimmy Be has been an audiophile his whole life, and wants to share his journey through his sound. When he’s producing, his style usually falls into a balance: one side leaning towards deep and groovy sounds (Deep and Tech House), the other, dark synth melodies through his analogs and driving basslines (Progressive). This twisted yin/yang balance is what personifies Jimmy Be’s style, making him such a unique act in Montreal. His studio, “Studio on the Rock” is filled with loads of musical equipment, including tons of analog machines, each which he states has a distinct personality and energy to it. Together they generate his signature sound.

A resident DJ at Stereo Montreal, Jimmy Be gets to display his sound often within Montreal. If not Stereo, then he’s usually at Salon Daome, where he co-hosts an event with fellow producer Adam Husa titled “Wildlife”. His sets are what classify him as so unique. Completely blind of genres, Jimmy Be’s goal is to tell a story, and every set promises a different one. Festival season is coming up, so be sure to keep your eye out for his name.

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Joe Mesmar

Joe Mesmar has been behind the decks for years now. For the longest time, his role remained as a resident DJ in Montreal, but his dreams of performing on the international scene led him to turn to production. Through a friend and self teaching, he learned how to put the sounds he desired into music. In an unexpected twist, he began to truly love the underground style he was producing. His version of Techno and Tech House includes trippy, melodic and bouncy vibes, but he’s truly open to making anything and fit it into Techno. With his success in production, he had embarked on a European tour, finally achieving international recognition and receiving interviews from VICE magazine and DJ Mag. Since then his brand has exploded. His podcast Minds of Sin is approaching its 60th episode, and he’s got releases under some major studio labels including Toolroom and Ovum Recordings. He’s also performed at many of the world’s premier shows and festivals, including the Amsterdam Dance Event and Jumbo & Sahara Fest. Locally, he can usually be found at Stereo, Newspeak and Salon Daome. In terms of production, he’s got releases ready to go under Intec Digital and Stereo productions. In the studio and on the dance floor, he’s got things cooking.

This year Joe Mesmar has got Montreal in his sights. It’s been his dream to perform at Montreal’s top venues, and this year he wants to make it happen. Be sure to keep your eye out for him at Piknic Electronic, Stereobar and Stereo.

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Kris Tin

When she was younger, Kris Tin used the piano as a way to escape and a form of self-expression. As she grew so did her tastes and her interest shifted into producing Hip Hop. Her electronic music tastes begun upon experiencing what she calls the “rush of emotions” felt while listening to it. This new euphoric feeling was something she’s chased and achieved through her producing and diverse sets. Though she’s new in the production world, Montrealers are very familiar with Kris Tin, and can often find her mixing at Salon Daome and Velvet.

2016 was huge for Kris Tin, having performed at Piknic Electronic, AIM Music Festival and Ancient Future Festival. This year has started off just as strong with a powerful opening set before Carl Cox at Igloofest. Her success behind the decks has led her to begin producing music as well, providing her with now limitless options for her future in mixing.

Kris Tin’s strength lies in her ability to read the crowd, and drop some epic surprises to get people moving. She’s one of the hottest acts on the rise right now. We’ve seen her ability on the decks, and now Montreal eagerly awaits to see what she can put out in the studio.

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Mike Larry

People develop certain tastes when growing up with music. For Mike Larry, his mind tuned in to the instrumentals of the music he was listening to. Listening to Hip-Hop, he often ignored the lyrics and focused on the rhythm of the background melody. It’s the small details in music that realized he had a special relationship with music, and led him to a career in production and mixing. His passion revolves around experimenting with music. As he puts it, he’s learning something new about himself every day, and that applies equally to the studio as well. Surrounded by analog and modular equipment, he continues to produce Techno-based electronic music which captures his mood and emotion.

Mike Larry’s production began only 4 years ago, when he built a studio with friends Steven Taylor and Gino G (Atroxx). Countless hours were spent learning the secrets to production while skipping over sleep in the process. Fast forward to today, and he’s playing regular gigs at Stereo Montreal, as well as co-hosting monthly events at Salon Daome titled “Phono” alongside Gino G.

Mike Larry is very active in the Montreal scene, and ensures that every set he provides is crisp and original. Having performed at events such as AIM, La Bacchanale and Piknic Electronic, this guy has gotten his name out in all the right places. His dedication to his craft is only matched by his willingness to showcase local talent, and his is a name the Montreal electronic scene greatly values.

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Nic Falardeau

From a young age, Nic Falardeau found he approached music very differently than others. While he appreciated the music he was listening to, he realized his mind deconstructed the music, looking at the melodies and patterns, while thinking about what would make them different. Flash forward to today, and he continues to maintain this thought process in the studio. He expands his production process by recording many of the instruments he uses in his tracks, adding another dimension to his sound. He credits a lot of his production value towards improvisation, involving playing around with a melody until he puts together something solid. Sometimes it works and naturally sometimes it doesn’t, but when it does, Nic Falardeau’s genius pulls through with something special.

Unlike many others on this list, Nic has only performed locally, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s yet to achieve anything big. Having performed at pretty much all of Montreal’s hottest venues, including New City Gas, Salon Daome, Newspeak, Beach Club and Velvet, his dream of success has already been underway, and his success is only growing with each local gig. It’s only a matter of time until Nic Falardeau hits the international scene.

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Paolo Rocco

Knowing the stakes, Paolo Rocco took a shot at the music industry. He knew he was serious enough, and he knew he had the drive. That decision, roughly 5 years ago, proved to be a very good one. Today, Paolo produces all kinds of music, but his name is known for the House music he makes. He believes music should be a reflection of self, and applies that to his sound. His busy touring schedule means Montrealers don’t get to hear him that often, but when we are fortunate enough, he can be found at Stereo and Stereobar, laying down some heavy House.

With his event brand, RAWMoments, is set to become a record label, and a life immersed in everything music related, the future is guaranteed to be filled with many RAWMoments by Paolo Rocco.

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Paskal Daze

As an avid music lover, Paskal Daze often feels a sense of wonder when he hears a great piece of music. Whether its music by Marco Carolla or Hans Zimmer’s ‘Interstellar’ soundtrack, a great piece of music is guaranteed to hit him right in the feels. Paskale wanted to apply that feeling on his own terms, and so he set out to do so.

In the beginning it was rough. His slow start led him to move to New York where he took a class at Dupspot to receive the Certificate in Music. The course is known to be the most rigorous and extensive program at Dupspot. Needless to say, the Paskale Daze dream was born after that. The combination of all the fundamentals he learned, as well as the open and free-minded city of New York, helped shape his journey and guided him onto the path of success. In 2010 he performed at Playa del Carmen at the BPM festival, marking his first opportunity to play outside of Montreal. Ever since he’s achieved international gigs at some of the dance music hot spots, including Paris and Ibiza. Montrealers can find him often at Velvet, Salon Daome and New City Gas.

Paskale Daze truly lives through his music, and is constantly inspired by his friends and fellow musicians. His sets reflect that, filled with energetic and melodic Tech House. He’s recently came back from a 4 month stay at Ibiza, and has been cooped up in the studio, producing like a maniac. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

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Tone Depth

Tone Depth is easily the biggest name on this list. With almost 20,000 followers on Soundcloud, it’s safe to say his work is leaving an imprint in the industry. His journey begins traumatically. Following a near death experience, he took the extra time on his hands to learn the guitar. His forays into Rock and Roll were always bittersweet as he could never find any band mates who were willing to be as committed to music as he was. His pursuit to find his form in music led to the discovery of synthesizers and the potential of electronic music. His work into Drum and Bass would eventually be lost when his computer crashed one summer, but he bounced back and took a new direction into music. The sound and style of Tone Depth began after this second crisis.

His Progressive House sound is one Montreal has truly come to love. Part of the magic behind his style is his interpretation on the genre. “When I ask other people everyone has a totally different idea of what Progressive House even means.  For me Progressive House is a pretty loose term and doesn’t really define a sound as much as it defines an ethic”. 

Tone Depth has become a global presence, but in Montreal every now and then he lays down a solid set at Stereo, which leaves clubbers buzzing for weeks after the event. His journey into music represents what persistence and commitment can lead to, and he remains an inspiration for many local artists who aspire to achieve a similar degree of success.

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