Norfolk native Oliver Winters has been a musician as long as he can remember. Playing various instruments growing up, he finally settled into electronic music production around the age of 16. Unlike many producers, Oliver had the unique experience of working in a recording studio before he picked up the craft. Lots of work and practice in the studio helped prepare him for his career in production.

The way Oliver Winters adds a personal touch to his music style is by making what comes natural to him. Though he revolves around Techno, there are lots of melodic influences in his tracks. They build on the ambiance and the energy of the beat, creating something unique and special not too often seen in the world of Techno. It’s very clear that he doesn’t let his heavy Techno influence dominate his production. He also listens to Ambient, and Electronica, which both have their own representations in his music. When each part is pieced together, it becomes his own special style that’s easy to digest.

Oliver Winter’s career began with releases under deadmau5’s mau5trap, followed by 2 EPs under Einmusik’s Ein2. Most recently, he’s put out under Morttagua’s label, Timeless Moment. What’s really exciting are his future releases, under labels Be Free and Suara. Having been under many different labels, it’s clear to see that many in the industry have faith in his craft. He’s also got something in the works with GNTN coming out soon, along with some other names he cannot yet mention.

His most recent work, his 3 track ‘Delorous EP’ has helped skyrocket his style. Each of the 3 tracks brings so much raw emotion and power, yet bearing three completely different identities.

Oliver Winters has been hard at work in the studio for months. He’s recently finished his studio time and opted for a brief break from the high octane work he’s been pumping out. With many tracks and EPs locked in the pipeline, it’s safe to say his vacation is deserved. He’s got his eyes on the Greek Isles!

While he’s away, we’re all looking forward to see what he’s got in store for us!

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