Henrix and Adrien Mezsi are two producers who set out to tackle the legendary Hip-Hop beat, ‘Forget About Dre’. Bringing this track into Electronic Music is no easy feat, and yet these two have done it, providing a fresh take on the sound. Henrix and Mezsi, having worked together in the past on the ‘Raverz’ EP, and with their given chemistry, bring lots of new sound to the table. Dynamic and aggressive instrumentals are coupled with a “glitch-hop” beat, giving the track some serious attitude and aggression. This should become a fan favorite during live sets, and will no doubt provide a unique reaction from the crowd due to the legacy of the original, the in-your-face instruments, and the rap lyrics themselves.

Give this track a listen or three. It’s no easy task to bridge the gap between classic Hip-Hop and Electronic Music, but here’s a perfect example of it being possible. Fit this into your sets, whether you play Trap, Dubstep or House and witness the unavoidable reaction the crowd will have as you drive the energy and impact of it into dancers.

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