It’s been a long time coming. We can’t remember exactly where we were when we first heard “Dragon”, but we can say that it was quite some time ago. The track which has been in the air for about a year or so saw it’s release yesterday, leaving all of it’s listeners finally at ease.

Although it was solely sprung in the sets of industry giant Martin Garrix to begin with, Dragon was immediately identified as a collaboration with one of our personal favourite acts to come out of Mother Russia, Matisse & Sadko. Trending every major show and festival including the various ULTRAs, EDCs, Tomorrow World/ Land and even more notably the DJ MAG Awards last October in Amsterdam, the song plans to do nothing but rise to the top from here on out.

And by jumping straight to number 1 on Beatports’ “Popular Chart” how could it not? Yes, just over 24 hours after it’s official release, Dragon flew past all the traffic and rose to the top of the lists. It’s quite understandable as to why that is; the tune spells the signs for a potential anthem and apart from being the fan’s choice, Dragon is also the choice of DJs across the globe. If it’s not an Italian duo like VINAI dropping it in their podcasts then you’ll find it being blown up in a Dutch DJ’s set like Tiësto and if not there than you can look forward to a Swedish group like Axwell Λ Ingrosso to share the hype elsewhere.

So what makes Dragon so special? Well the song has redefined itself over the months, never being fully mastered until a little while ago. This was crucial for Garrix and M&S as upon release, they we’re proudly able to declare that they gave it their utmost effort to perfect the track to it’s fullest. Dragon holds the characteristic melodies that the Russian tag-team are heralded for whilst combining the big-stage effect that Garrix became famous off of. With a mix like that, how could it be anything less than the biggest song in dance music!